1st session of “Innovation 4 Healthy Living | Let’s Hack Together!” took place on 17th May 

“Innovation 4 Healthy Living | Let’s Hack Together!” marks a crucial step in our ongoing initiatives to build a 4 Helix Col.Laboratory model and tackle real problems with real agents from the 3 regions involved: Catalonia (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), and Kraków (Poland). 

A diverse group of 41 participants representing academia, public entities, large companies, SMEs and social organisations and associations, among others, came together to contribute their invaluable perspectives from the 4 Helix ecosystem. Each participant had the opportunity to choose one challenge to address among the three topics discussed in our previous event:

  • Challenge 1: How to channel the unused potential of ageing population in the regions, particularly in cities.
  • Challenge 2: Enhancing transparency and fostering better communication between sectors and actors
  • Challenge 3: Aligning actions to improve the overall quality of life and well-being.

The stakeholders engaged in discussions within smaller groups, worked collaboratedly towards finding innovative solutions for each challenge. 

But this journey does not end there! We are thrilled to announce that the work will continue in our upcoming second session on May 25th. In the meantime, stakeholders are going to discuss ideas and share insights through INTEGER’s platform, theglocal.network. 

During the event, we were fortunate to have Raffaela Seitz a project manager from the Cross Innovation Hub in Hamburg, leading an inspirational talk. Her expertise and insights ignited our motivation and propelled us towards creative problem-solving.


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