AHATHON Krakow Showcases INTEGER’s Innovative Spirit


The AHATHON, held on November 29th in Krakow, Poland, unfolded as an exceptional testament to innovation, orchestrated within the dynamic framework of the INTEGER project. This event marked a pivotal milestone in exploring and harnessing the innovative potential embedded within INTEGER. 

Central to INTEGER’s ethos is its visionary approach—a proven innovation model designed to expedite the integration of social innovation actors and digital business entrepreneurial hubs across three EU regions. The AHATHON served as a vibrant stage, where INTEGER’s principles came to life, fostering collaboration and ideation among diverse teams. 

Guided by Krakowski Park Technologiczny | Krakow Technology Park, six dynamic teams comprising students, business representatives, and seniors embarked on a journey to conceptualize social innovations. Their dedication and collective expertise showcased the power of collaboration within the INTEGER framework. 

This event not only demonstrated practical application but also emerged as a pivotal testbed for scaling and replicability across regions and fields. The ideas germinated during these intense two days hold immense potential not just for implementation but also for shaping policy actions that advocate active and healthy ageing. 

Additionally, on November 30th, the conference featured a SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP (SIG) session, adding depth to the INTEGER project’s journey. Hosted by Krakowski Park Technologiczny | Krakow Technology Park, this meeting of regional stakeholders aimed to delve into the innovative INTEGER model of cooperation. 

The session’s dual focus was to present the robust #INTEGER model and actively engage stakeholders, gathering invaluable feedback for further enhancement. It stood as a testament to the commitment of all involved in evolving INTEGER to meet diverse regional needs and dynamics. 

This gathering, part of the Life Science Open Space conference, provided a platform for stakeholders to share insights and suggestions, enriching the INTEGER project with regional nuances and feedback. 

The collaborative efforts in Krakow align seamlessly with the essence of the INTEGER project—a convergence of ideas, expertise, and regional insights to create a model resonating across boundaries. Such collective progress through collaborative endeavours promises a future where innovation thrives hand-in-hand with inclusivity and adaptability. 

Congratulations to all contributors for making the AHATHON a resounding success within the INTEGER project! Your innovative ideas and collaborative spirit are propelling us toward a future where social innovation and digital entrepreneurship seamlessly intersect for the betterment of our communities. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the continued evolution of INTEGER’s innovative journey, enriched by collaborative regional insights and expertise. 

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