Catalonia Col·laborathon: Catalyzing Innovation and Impactful Solutions for Health and Wellbeing 


During an atmosphere pulsating with innovation and collaboration, the Catalonia Col·laborathon unfolded as a dynamic convergence of minds, dedicated to steering impactful social initiatives within the realm of health and well-being. Hosted on November 22, in Tarragona, Spain this event brought together six groundbreaking social initiatives, fostering an environment primed for co-creation and the birth of new solutions. 

INTEGER, the driving force behind this event, orchestrated the gathering of 50 dedicated agents, united in their mission to propel impactful social projects forward. Partners Universitat Rovira i Virgili and i2CAT Foundation played instrumental roles in orchestrating a series of activities aimed at fostering collaboration and nurturing groundbreaking solutions. 

Rafael Nualart, Digital Innovation Manager at i2CAT Foundation, introduced the INTEGER project, aiming to establish pioneering European living labs focused on enhancing citizens’ health and wellbeing. He shared, “INTEGER aspires to generate living labs at the European level based on the new European innovation agenda to improve the health and well-being of citizens.” Xavier Camara-Turull, a researcher at Universitat Rovira i Virgili, outlined the Col·laborathon’s objectives, highlighting its commitment to catalyzing social innovation through collaboration among Quadruple Helix agents. 

Following an inspiring session presenting challenges and local use cases, experts and participants delved into action, forming diverse groups to tackle the “Health and Wellness for Life” challenge in Catalonia. These dynamic teams engaged in co-creation, crafting innovative and tangible solutions. Simultaneously, a focus group explored how the INTEGER 4 Helix collaborative framework could amplify its impact, fostering invigorating discussions and idea exchange. 

Adrià Buzón Lausín, representing Cuideo®, delivered a compelling talk on “From Economic Benefit to Social Impact: Business Strategies With Real Social Impact.” Cuideo® champions the cause of enabling older individuals to maintain independence at home through tailored services, leveraging new technologies. 

Maite Fibla Gasparin, representing Ship2B Ventures, shared insights on innovative financing, emphasizing the incorporation of Sustainable Development Goals into business agendas and the pivotal role of technology in social innovation. 

Attendees also participated in specialized training sessions, empowering them with skills crucial in presenting projects to investors, ensuring recognition for social impact and growth potential. 

The event culminated in a pitch contest, where participants showcased their projects and Marked Value Propositions developed during workshops, applying INTEGER’s processes and dynamics to drive impactful social projects. 

The INTEGER Regional Col·laborathon of Catalonia in Tarragona was a testament to collaborative efforts, innovative ideas, and transformative discussions. Participants left energized and inspired, armed with the tools to drive change and create a better future. 

A heartfelt thanks to all who joined, making this day an incredible journey of innovation and collective impact! 

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