“Innovation 4 Healthy Living | Let’s Hack Together!” Empowers Stakeholders to Co-create Solutions for Healthy Living 

On May 25th, the second session of the “Innovation 4 Healthy Living | Let’s Hack Together!” brought together stakeholders from three different regions, representing the 4 Helix, to collaborate on solving identified needs and challenges. This event served as a platform for experts to exchange ideas, brainstorm and work collectively towards identifying innovative solutions ready to be exchanged and upscale.

Building upon the three challenges previously identified in prior meetings, participants were divided into groups and were given time to engage in thoughtful discussions, share best practices and address key questions. The stakeholders actively engaged in the  co-creation dynamic and in the  fruitful brainstorming process. They found it rewarding to merge different elements and ideas, leading to the development of new proposals and problem-solving approaches.

Regarding the Challenge focusing on how to channel the unused potential of ageing population in the regions, particularly in cities, the stakeholders compiled their insights, resulting in a word cloud that represented their collective input.

Similarly, Challenge 2 discussion, centred in enhancing transparency and fostering better communication between sectors and actors, resulted in a word cloud showcasing their ideas.

Finally, the Challenge 3, which aimed to discuss aligning actions to improve the overall quality of life and well-being, resulted in the word cloud represented below.

Toni Caro, the project coordinator, shared her perspective on the discussions, emphasising the significance of bringing these ideas to the theglocal.network as the main digital arena for co-creation The EU INTEGER Col·laboratory will be launched during the EnoLL Living Lab Days in September (Stay tunned!).

The coordinator also highlighted the next steps of the project and the stakeholder involvement, which is the evaluation, feedback from facilitators and stakeholders, as well as the preparation of interviews to be shared with the broader community. One of the opportunities to continue discussing these challenges will be in the upcoming event in Barcelona, where the stakeholders will have the opportunity to continue exchanging valuable experiences.

Closing the meeting, Kai Schnackenberg reiterated the project’s potential to cultivate and nurture social innovation. He emphasised that this initiative provides an exceptional opportunity to sow the seeds of change and propel the INTEGER project forward.

The event proved to be an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and provided excellent ideas to be developed further with the support of other  INTEGER actors. Info will be uploaded on the website and on the platform. Would you like to become part of the community? See this 2’ video pill on how to enrol


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