INTEGER and SIRENE: Paving the way for Social Innovation

The strong partnership between INTEGER and SIRENE has resulted in an article that highlights the work proposed by the two twin projects in the field of social innovation: “Towards the Social Innovation Lighthouse.”

INTEGER and SIRENE are dedicated to accelerating and strengthening the European Innovation Ecosystems, each with its unique focus and goals. INTEGER aims to develop robust, sustainable, and inclusive ecosystems for healthy living and wellbeing, while SIRENE empowers social and private entrepreneurs to improve wellbeing and housing conditions. Together, they aim to be guiding lights in the realm of social innovation.

Both projects understand the power of collaboration in achieving lasting impact. These initiatives actively cultivate synergies by sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources. By working together, they overcome obstacles such as knowledge exchange, stakeholder representation, and the integration of social innovation into European ecosystems. Through their joint efforts, INTEGER and SIRENE lay the groundwork for scalable and enduring effects in the field.

To showcase their collective achievements, an insightful article titled “Towards the Social Innovation Lighthouse” is presented. This publication provides a comprehensive exploration of the activities foreseen by both projects as they envision a brighter future.

As you explore the article and learn more about INTEGER and SIRENE, we invite you to join forces with us. Collaboration is key to creating positive change in society. Together, let us embrace innovation, work towards common goals, and pave the way for a thriving Europe. Follow us in social media and visit the websites for more information.

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