INTEGER: Pioneering Innovation and Inclusion for Tomorrow 


INTEGER, an innovative initiative, took centre stage at the prestigious 21st European Week of Regions and Cities held in Brussels on October 11.  

The dynamic session titled “Entrepreneurial and social innovation skills that drive inclusion and tackle the innovation gap” captured the essence of European efforts to propel entrepreneurial and social innovation, ensuring the holistic development of Europe. Co-organized by entities like SHINE 2Europe (Portugal), UNITEE (Belgium), Friends of Europe (Belgium), Eurochambres (Belgium), and AFEdemy (Netherlands), in collaboration with European projects SIRENE, NET4Age-Friendly, and INTEGER, the forum sparked insightful discussions on fostering inclusive growth. 

AFE’s mention of INTEGER underscored the crucial learning goals essential not just for social innovators but for all dedicated to effecting positive change. Willeke’s insights highlighted key learning objectives: 

  • Enhancing Innovation 
  • Building Relationships and Networks 
  • Fostering a Culture of Openness and Trust 
  • Accelerating the Learning Curve (Lifelong Learning) 
  • Speed up Social-Digital Innovation Profiles 
  • Developing Policies and Frameworks to Support Quadruple Helix Collaboration 

These insights serve as a beacon, guiding us toward a future built on innovation, trust, and collaboration. As the project progress, let us internalize these lessons and unite in driving positive change, not just within our communities but across boundaries, fostering a brighter, more inclusive future. 

At the heart of INTEGER lies its pioneering approach—a proven innovation model aimed at expediting the integration of social innovation actors with digital business entrepreneurial hubs across three EU regions. INTEGER’s groundbreaking potential extends far beyond the borders of the participating regions. It emerges as a versatile testbed, offering practical solutions to bridge innovation gaps and promote inclusive development strategies throughout Europe. 

As INTEGER continues to chart new territories in innovation and inclusion, its resounding impact is poised to shape a more cohesive, innovative, and inclusive future for Europe. 

For more information and updates on INTEGER, stay tuned to our website and social media. 

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