INTEGER project displayed at International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments 


On May 7th, 2024, the International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments was held in Salão Nobre Reitoria, University of Porto, in Portugal. This conference covered multiple topics, such as skills and means to access information and services, climate and environmental resilience, social innovation, cities and accessible environments, inclusion, and how to fight discrimination. 

Many projects and initiatives were discussed at this conference, where multiple participants engaged in debates. Namely, Rafael Nualart, a digital social innovation manager at the i2CAT Foundation, was responsible for speaking on the INTEGER project regarding the theme “Building SHAFE urban and rural environments”. He presented the latest results of the project, and one of they key messages was that everyone should be involved in decision-making processes, and that social innovation initiatives enable broader participation.   

This panel also counted on the participation of Claúdia Costa, Natália Machado, and Sónia Serra, along with the moderation of Ângela Freitas. 

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