INTEGER Project’s General Assembly Marks a Year of Progress in Building Innovation Ecosystems 


In the past 12 months, the INTEGER project made some real steps in building innovation ecosystems that can adapt and include everyone. On February 19, the whole project got together online to discuss about important milestones achieved and designed what comes for the next one year. 

At the meeting, INTEGER partners reflected about our journey. We went through each part of the project, talked about the challenges, and looked at what went well and what we still need to tackle. 

The meeting also showed how strong the INTEGER community is when partners with similar goals come together. Working together and staying dedicated demonstrated how crucial it is to have a community that is all on the same page to drive innovation. Throughout the project, we have been really committed to social innovation, making INTEGER a front-runner in shaping a different future. 

The best part of this project is that organizations from the 4Helix can be part of these innovative discussions. Join us on our platform –  

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