Built on a peer-to-peer approach that bridges business-driven and social-driven innovations, INTEGER aims to fast-track transformative integration outcomes by fostering win-win games, local mission-driven synergies and ground-breaking coordination across actions, governance, implementation, up taking and exploitation dynamics.

The third INTEGER study visit took place in the vibrant city of Hamburg, (Germany), on the 30th and 31st of March 2023. Focused on the crucial theme of healthy living and wellbeing. the study visit served as a platform to engage in insightful discussions, addressing key challenges faced by the project such as: How to plan, lead and implement social innovations? How do different stakeholders understand it? How to make different types of innovations understand each other’s needs and values?

This discussion helped the project to identify with stakeholders from the quadruple helix and the three regions the perceived opportunities and barriers towards enhancing more robust 4 helix collaborations and to pave the way to set the INTEGER Col·laboratory model.

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