Networking with the Hamburg Health Kiosk 


A working meeting was held on the 25th of April of 2023 with the managing director of INVEST Billstedt/Horn, Mr. Alexander Fischer, at the Hamburg Ministry of Social Affairs, to discuss a prototype for integrated full health care in deprived metropolitan regions. The Billstedt and Mümmelmannsberg health kiosks are an innovative approach to neighbourhood-based healthcare in Hamburg. Concerning the Barcelona and Krakow study visits and findings, the possibilities of transferability of living labs to Hamburg were also discussed. 

Considering that health opportunities and accessibility have been decreasing in socially deprived urban areas, in addition to socio-economic conditions that decrease the overall living conditions when compared to better-off neighbourhoods, residents feel that they haven’t been receiving adequate care. It has been reported that there are fewer general practitioners, specialists, dental and psychotherapeutic practices available, that emergency rooms are being consulted more frequently, as well as that healthcare expenditure has been rising continuously. 

Regarding these reports, INVEST Billstedt/Horn has been using the east of Hamburg (Billstedt/Horn) as an example to test how the residents’ health status can be improved, in socially disadvantaged districts, by optimizing the existing resources. This model comprises various elements in all areas, facilities and professional groups involved in healthcare. To this end, innovative and patient-centred care structures and processes are being developed and new digital applications are being tested to improve communication between doctors and between doctors and patients. 

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