Online Workshop: “Communicate, Impact, and Transform: The Im-Perfect Pitch”

On July 2, 2024, an online workshop titled “Communicate, Impact, and Transform: The Im-Perfect Pitch” was held as part of the INTEGER project. The talented trainer, Cristina Sáenz de Pipaón Soba, led this insightful session.

The workshop addressed the challenge of having too much to say and not knowing where to start, as well as how to maintain the audience’s attention.

Four simple yet powerful ingredients were explored for captivating communication that holds the audience’s attention and leaves them wanting more. Here are some key points from the workshop:

  • Purposeful communication: Identify who is in the room, understand their concerns, and anticipate their objections to tailor our message effectively.
  • Clear business thesis: Focus on what we do, who we serve, why they choose us, and how we generate income. Clarity is essential to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Design and body language: Utilize visual elements properly and emphasize the importance of non-verbal communication to maintain attention and convey confidence.
  • Storytelling: Structure the content into an introduction, development, and resolution to make the message memorable.

This session is part of the interregional initiative for the incubation and acceleration of social and digital projects, within the framework of the INTEGER project – Interconnecting 4 Helix Innovation Ecosystems in European Regions. We look forward to continuing to support impactful communication in our future workshops and initiatives.

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