SDG 48h Challenge Highlights Social Innovation and Sustainable Development at Jagiellonian University 

The Faculty of Chemistry at Jagiellonian University played host to an inspiring event, the SDG 48h Challenge within Social Innovations Demo Days, held on the 16th of June, 2023. The event brought together visionaries, innovators, and thought leaders to discuss and showcase new solutions for a more socially conscious and sustainable world. 

The day-long event comprised various segments, including illuminating presentations of social innovations stemming from collaborative projects with CITTRU (Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer, and University Development), a stimulating exposition of stands, and engaging B2B networking sessions. These dynamic components converged to create a platform for cross-pollination of ideas and partnerships within the realm of social innovation. 

The Demo Day of Social Innovation was conceived in response to the escalating expectations of stakeholders from business entities, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations, who are increasingly seeking solutions aligned with the principles of social and sustainable development. The event placed special emphasis on solutions that align with the principles of ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility, Governance), which have gained momentum on a global scale in recent years. A crucial avenue to enhance an organization’s impact in this domain is through the adoption and integration of social innovations. 

Culminating the event was the Demo Days, featuring pitching sessions centered around the #SDG48h Challenges—a semester-long hackathon initiative. This initiative aimed to address sustainable development goals while fostering collaboration among quadruple helix institutions: academia, business, administration, and activists. The highlight of the Demo Days was the recognition and reward of the most promising social innovators with a strong technological focus and a keen eye on sustainable business practices. Eminent figures from both the Krakow Technology Park and the Centre for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies at Jagiellonian University actively participated as members of the esteemed Jury. 

Integral to the event was the dissemination of the INTEGER project, seamlessly aligning with the day’s discourse. The project’s objectives, focused on accelerating the integration of social innovation actors and digital business entrepreneurial hubs, harmonized perfectly with the thematic essence of the event. This synchronization provided a robust framework for internal and external interactions, including engaging with various individuals such as Jagiellonian University students, software developers, business leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, marketers, and technology enthusiasts. Moreover, the project’s reach extended to employees of companies leasing spaces at Krakow Technology Park, generating insightful conversations and productive exchanges throughout the event. 

The SDG 48h Challenge within Social Innovations Demo Days successfully created an environment for fostering ideas, collaboration, and real-world impact, positioning itself as a pivotal milestone in the journey toward a socially equitable and sustainable future. 

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