Stakeholder Workshop in the regional ecosystem of Hamburg 


This stakeholder workshop was held on the 26th of January in the regional ecosystem of Hamburg. First and foremost, Kai Schnackenberg presented previous project results, along with feedback from previous meetings, namely that communication between stakeholders must be improved, as well as follow-up dates.  

Silke Mirkam Betscher and Anna Köster-Eisenfunke also presented the projects’ background, participatory elements in care, and which social determinants should be considered. Some projects were disseminated, along with the main project’s objectives. Considering relevant stakeholders, these objectives contemplate city laboratories as a contact zone for practice, universities, and communities. Community-based healthcare centres were also considered, in this case, to improve accessibility and reach the residents. Another objective is to promote digital and health-related skills and increase diversity awareness. 

A possible Hamburg Living Lab was discussed as a possibility in the Veddel district, along with the transfer of knowledge to other local health centres, and multiple social questions regarding these centres’ implementation and maintenance. 

This workshop identified which structures can participate in the cooperation of the Veddel district, In order to implement this cooperation, financing models are yet to be negotiated with national health insurance companies, as it is not clear which model will be implemented in Hamburg. Funding questions need to be analysed as well. This workshop also identified milestones to achieve the project’s desired goals. 

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