Summer Jam 2023: Krakow’s Premier Tech Networking Event Unites Innovators 

The tech scene in Krakow came alive at the annual Summer Jam, a highly anticipated networking event that gathered software developers, business leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, marketers, and technology enthusiasts under one roof. Hosted on the 4th of July, this year’s Summer Jam continued to solidify its reputation as the city’s largest tech networking event. 

Summer Jam serves as a magnet for a diverse range of stakeholders from both local and international innovation ecosystems, with a special focus on the #OMGKRK: Krakow Startup Community. This vibrant event provides an unparalleled platform for fostering connections, sparking collaborations, and sharing cutting-edge insights within the tech world. 

As a consistent supporter of the local tech scene, Krakow Technology Park (KPT) had an active presence at Summer Jam. KPT representatives not only highlighted their pivotal role in the startup ecosystem but also showcased ongoing projects that contribute to the city’s innovation landscape. 

A cornerstone of the event was the dissemination of the INTEGER project. This initiative seamlessly intertwined with the event’s overarching themes. The INTEGER project, which aims to accelerate the integration of social innovation actors and digital business entrepreneurial hubs, aligned perfectly with the event’s ethos. This alignment provided an enriched framework for both internal and external interactions, fostering engaging discussions with various participants, including business leaders, startup visionaries, marketers, and technology enthusiasts. 

The partnership between #OMGKRK and Krakow Technology Park has long been a driving force for Krakow’s startup ecosystem. By offering a range of innovative tools including mentoring, coaching, incubation, acceleration programs, and seed funding, this collaboration has nurtured the growth of numerous startups. 

As another successful Summer Jam concluded, it reaffirmed its role as a cornerstone event that enriches Krakow’s tech landscape, encourages collaboration, and propels the city’s innovation endeavors forward. 

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