INTEGER in the #OpenLivingLab Days 2023: A Global Convergence of Innovation 


The highly anticipated presence of INTEGER in the OpenLivingLab Days 2023 event took place on September 23, and it did not disappoint. Hosted in Barcelona, this event brought together participants from around the world, fostering innovation and collaboration on a grand scale. 

Toñi Caro, a Senior Researcher at i2CAT Foundation and INTEGER coordinator, set the tone with an inspiring keynote speech that set the stage for a day filled with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. One of the groundbreaking revelations was the introduction of the “collaber.” Toñi Caro unveiled INTEGER, an initiative aimed at promoting this new profile, emphasising their crucial role in ensuring inclusivity and collaboration among all stakeholders in the innovation process. 

In the same introductory moment, Agnieszka Wlodarczyk (Krakow), Kai Schnackenberg (Hamburg), and Rosina Malagrida (Barcelona) showcased inspirational cases from regions participating in the INTEGER project, highlighting the diverse approaches to innovation. 

After that, the event featured a workshop titled “Towards a new generation of Living Labs,” which aimed to bridge the gap between social innovation and business-driven innovation by fostering collaboration among the agents of the quadruple helix. 

It is also important to highlight that the event marked a significant step forward in the mission to foster innovation and collaboration in the field of health and wellbeing. Representatives from various regions, including Catalonia, Hamburg, and Krakow, came together to co-create innovative solutions for societal challenges. 

The day concluded with this exciting event – INTEGER Regional Catalonian Colaborathon – focusing on the creation of working groups dedicated to developing innovative solutions for “Health & Wellness for Life.” Participants tackled challenges related to community building, digital tools for wellbeing, and senior potentials and needs. 

The OpenLivingLab Days 2023 event showcased the power of global collaboration and innovation. With thought-provoking discussions, inspiring presentations, and hands-on workshops, it proved that when diverse minds come together, innovative solutions are born. 

While the event itself has concluded, the impact and inspiration it generated continue to reverberate throughout the innovation community.  

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